How to Ruin an Important Job Interview

For many people who have become unemployed over recent years due to the downturn in the economy, looking for a new job is a vital part of every waking day. After all, finding either temporary or permanent employment can be the difference between making the rent payments on time and providing food for their family or being homeless and hungry. Therefore, for many people, nailing that all-important interview itself is crucial.

Naturally, in any job interview situation, you may feel stressed and nervous, and you will ultimately walk away either feeling content with your performance or disappointed with how it went. You’ve probably heard a few job interview horror stories, from interested parties turning up late, or maybe answering their cell phones in the middle of an important question, or simply saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Others may just be a little rusty and “out of the game” when it comes to job interviews. Everything you say and do is being judged, and you should bear in mind how much you are being scrutinized at every turn.

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