Temporary Employment or Full-Time

It can be difficult to find the right employee for the job and, in today’s competitive market, many businesses instead decide to offer temp-to-hire positions. This is where an employee is hired on a temporary basis, more often than not for approximately three to six months. At the end of their contract, employers make the decision whether or not the temp employee is suited for the job and will be offered a full-time position. If the temp employee completes their contract, they are usually expected to be hired full-time. When hiring an employee, temporary or full-time, it is important to consider which kind of employee best suits that particular industry.

In essence, temp-to-hire positions are an extended job interview that allows employers to observe whether an employee will be able to perform the company’s needs, while at the same time ascertaining if the employee is looking for a career or a straightforward paycheck. Hiring immediately for a full-time position could mean more time sifting through resumes to find an employee fit for the job. Hiring temporary employees may also be the better option around holidays and other busier retail-based times of the year.

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Thinking about Outsourcing Payroll?

Small business owners benefit from outsourcing payroll. While many choose to do payroll internally through the use of bookkeeping, an increasing amount of businesses are starting to prefer professional payroll providers. The fact of the matter is, many small businesses do not have the necessary experience and expertise to handle all the demands that payroll processing requires, and this time could be better spent on other matters that the business needs to take care of.

Managing payroll is more than just writing checks and making sure employees receive them on time. Keeping accurate records, calculating and paying payroll tax, and communicating with employees are all tasks that are also expected of the employee who handles the payroll of any business, no matter how large or small. This process can be simplified by outsourcing payroll, which will help to make things more efficient and cost-effective. Outsourcing the payroll process offers small businesses a number of benefits:

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