Choosing a Qualified Payroll Service

With the IRS penalizing one in three businesses for payroll and tax errors, it is clear that conventional methods of manual payroll will more than likely lead to costly penalty fees. Not only does your business have to deal with paying the IRS penalties, it is also losing money from the hours of time spent trying to figure out what you did wrong with the books. Just these facts alone are reasons why businesses are increasingly deciding to outsource their payroll.

While it may seem like a good idea to hire one of the larger payroll firms, it not only may it be out of a small businesses price range, but larger firms also tend to bundle their payroll management with additional services that are not needed and end up costing the business even more money. To select the right payroll management firm, it may be wise to construct a list of services that your business is looking to use, such as how much growth is the business anticipating, how many employees you have (full-time and part-time), or how much your business can afford to pay for outsourcing payroll. Questions relevant to your business can help you decide whether a certain payroll company is right for you, whether you run a restaurant or a non-profit organization.

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