7 Costly Payroll Mistakes Businesses Make

Too many honest small businesses are penalized for infractions they never knew they committed to begin with. Tax codes are full of asterisks, small print and details most people are simply not trained to navigate alongside the usual responsibilities of managing a business. A CEO’s first priority (next to running a company smoothly) is the customer. Customer relationships are time-consuming and demand a great deal of attention from a successful management team. With so much happening behind the scenes, it’s no wonder these costly payroll mistakes slip by unnoticed. Continue reading

The Personalized Padgett Payroll Services® Difference

Selecting the most knowledgeable professionals is key when it comes to selecting payroll processing specialists and tax code experts. Many companies claim to provide outsourced payroll services, but do little to follow through with this promise. Padgett Payroll Services® recognizes our clients have different needs and accommodates each business’ unique schedule. We have implemented some of the most customized services to ensure seamless payroll management services. Our Padgett payroll specialists are more than just our employees – they are your friends and liaisons to the tax world. Continue reading