Managing Employee Payroll Bonuses


When it comes to incentivizing employees, few options are more motivating than bonuses. Employers set goals, employees work hard, and results are achieved – or are they? According to recent research, the way employees are incentivized makes all the difference. Bonuses can be set at intervals, connected to an employee’s individual goals or even in response to achievements the company itself meets. All of these factors play into how hard employees work to achieve their goals – and whether or not they feel valued for that work when goals are met. Continue reading

Understanding Payroll Taxes

shutterstock_324599615Tax season has returned and with it comes a variety of questions about the impact of taxes on payroll. Padgett Payroll Services® employs only the best experts in our field. Our goal is not only to offer payroll solutions for your company, but to help you save money in the process. That is why we put together this quick guide to tax deductions and management for businesses of all sizes: because payroll taxes aren’t the only thing you can deduct this spring! Continue reading