5 Hiring & Employment Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Small business owners know a unique set of challenges await them in the financial world. Special rules and regulations are in place for businesses with less than a certain number of employees, and different tax brackets further classify companies into categories, each with their own rules and stipulations. It is a lonely world with stiff penalties for breaking the rules. Avoid fines by reviewing these mistakes small businesses frequently make. Continue reading

So You Made a Payroll Error

Payroll errors, while not common, can happen to even the best H.R. departments. Payroll is an extremely sensitive topic for many employees (especially those working on an hourly basis), so it is important to handle these errors with respect for all involved and not only admit the error, but correct it as soon as possible to avoid further embarrassment or distrust. This is a scenario that calls for the employer to be humble, admit that mistakes happen, and to make amends per state law. Continue reading

7 Costly Payroll Mistakes Businesses Make

Too many honest small businesses are penalized for infractions they never knew they committed to begin with. Tax codes are full of asterisks, small print and details most people are simply not trained to navigate alongside the usual responsibilities of managing a business. A CEO’s first priority (next to running a company smoothly) is the customer. Customer relationships are time-consuming and demand a great deal of attention from a successful management team. With so much happening behind the scenes, it’s no wonder these costly payroll mistakes slip by unnoticed. Continue reading

The Personalized Padgett Payroll Services® Difference

Selecting the most knowledgeable professionals is key when it comes to selecting payroll processing specialists and tax code experts. Many companies claim to provide outsourced payroll services, but do little to follow through with this promise. Padgett Payroll Services® recognizes our clients have different needs and accommodates each business’ unique schedule. We have implemented some of the most customized services to ensure seamless payroll management services. Our Padgett payroll specialists are more than just our employees – they are your friends and liaisons to the tax world. Continue reading

Payroll Processing Specialists: A Small Business’ Best Friend

Small businesses face many unique payroll problems that frequently fall on already overworked H.R. departments or leave payroll administrators to fend for themselves in a big world of tax codes, regulations and stiff penalties for missed deadlines. The IRS doesn’t mess around when it comes to your company’s payroll or tax services. Fortunately, Padgett Payroll Services® utilizes experts with years of experience to take the stress of payroll services out of your hands, allowing your employees to focus on what matters most: your customers. So, why is a Padgett payroll processing specialist your company’s best resource? The answers might surprise you. Continue reading

How Outsourcing Payroll Services Saves Time and Money

What do small businesses and large corporations have in common? They both benefit from outsourcing payroll services! Whether your company is comprised of ten people or ten thousand, there are benefits to trusting the experts with your payroll services. Not only will your company avoid legal trouble with the IRS, but employees gain valuable time to work on projects and focus on customers. This service-centric perspective on business is sure to gain notoriety for your brand and, in time, improve revenue streams that reflect increased productivity. These business concepts are not new; Padgett Payroll Services® has simply streamlined the process to allow your company to function at maximum efficiency. Continue reading

Quick Guide of Tax and Payroll Terminology

Tax preparation is a skill that can be acquired with a great deal of effort and education on the part of an accountant or payroll manager. However, most small business owners don’t have time to study the basics of tax preparation, much less obtain the skills and expertise necessary to properly handle payroll taxes. This quick guide from the payroll processors at Padgett Business Services® makes it easy for the busiest of small business owners and their employees to navigate common terminology in the tax or payroll industry: Continue reading

Why Small Business Owners Need to Outsource Their Payroll

Let’s face it: you’re busy. You have to remember to address this client issue, schedule a vendor call, prepare the never-ending stack of invoices on your desk and still make it home in time for your child’s sports game. Add payroll processing on top of your already overloaded schedule, and it is no wonder you simply just cannot get to it all.

That’s why outsourced payroll options exist with Padgett Payroll Services®. Continue reading

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll

The heart of every small and large business is bookkeeping. This department handles all the bills and payments received. They also work closely with HR to ensure all employees’ pay is reconciled, processed and delivered. If you are just starting out, the bookkeeping side of your business can often keep you so busy that you’re unable to serve and address needs on the front lines.

More established businesses often hire individuals to handle the accounting and bookkeeping, but just how accurate is their work? How updated is your small business payroll technology to ensure business success and streamline processes? Outsourcing your payroll may be the best option to ensure your business follows proper payroll procedures.

Joe Mullich, Xerox Contributor to Forbes, wrote on the powerful benefits of outsourcing accounting. The attraction of outsourcing options for businesses of all sizes is the transition from basic transactions to more strategic budget functions, something which is difficult to achieve in-house from a lesser experienced bookkeeper.

Here are some of the benefits of opting for outsourcing payroll: Continue reading

Top Business Tax Filing Blunders and Penalties

The costly mistake of filing your taxes incorrectly with the IRS is one no business owner wants to make. From penalties and interest to the cost of tax audit, the consequences of a notice, rejection or tax audit can be detrimental to the business. If you are in a bind with the IRS, you may have made a common yet costly mistake. Here are some common tax form blunders: Continue reading